Tuesday Toot: Memory Verses


It is a joy for both me and the hubby to see our little guy memorize some verses from the Bible. He first quoted his first verse, Ephesians 6:1 when he turned two last year. This past week, he has got another verse memorized and with action Psalm 27:4). Click this link to watch the video.

Right from he was five months old, we introduced Bible reading to him and it has been like a routine since that he has come to know the stories behind each character from his picture Bible. It delights us when we see him browsing through the book even by himself. This week I realized yet again that persistence does pay off. There are just times that I do not feel like pressing on, which is just natural, especially when I am busy with work. We pray that by God’s grace, we will be able to be consistent. 🙂

Tuesday Toot: Memory Verses

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