On Buying a Used Car

It is rainy season again, kicked off by a devastating typhoon, “Frank”, which left many typhoon victims, either homeless or losing a loved one. With these great disasters, I feel quite guilty writing about our old car which rains inside, but I just want to thank God for the shelter He has provided us in our house and our old car when we travel. We pray that the needs of those deeply affected by this storm, “Frank”, would be met and that they would find comfort in their sorrow and distress.

With that said, our plan to buy a new car has changed. We now are having thoughts about either getting our old car fixed or buying a second had car from used cars centers. In my opinion, buying a used car is quite a risky move. Those venturing into it should do detailed research on the car that they are interested in. Some information they need to find out are the car’s mileage, who the previous owner or owners of the car are, how the car was used by its previous owner/s and its maintenance history as much as possible. BuyYourCar.co.uk does this research on second-hand cars and is a reliable source of used cars online.

On Buying a Used Car

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