Stick with Smartbro or Switch to DSL?

image1.jpgThe one year lock up period that we have with our current internet provider is over in three weeks. I swear this has been a most awaited time for us – we waited one full year. We are one patient couple. When we used to have a landline, I tried applying for a DSL bundle, it took them forever (I gave up on them because I cannot anymore get stuck with a dial up) to process my DSL application and now they are all over the place offering three day connection promotion of sorts. My only apprehension is what if it,  turns out that it is even lousier than smartbro?

The last couple of months we are set on switching to DSL, but upon hearing several dissatisfied clients, we are actually having second thoughts. Although the former complaints that we have had with our current provider(intermittent connection, uber slow response, et. al) were addressed, we are still not happy with the current speed that they deliver. You see, when most of the people we know are downloading files in minutes, we are having it done in days! For sometime I even thought that we had to get a new CAT6, but figured it was really our ever unreliable internet service provider.

 We’re located in lower Antipolo City. Would anyone out there care to suggest a better internet service provider? I just felt we do not need to settle with such lousy service when there’s a better one out there that we may not know of.

Stick with Smartbro or Switch to DSL?

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