Our Family Car

The hassle of driving around in our old car has lessened after days of less rain. Now that it’s as hot as summer here in the Philippines even though it is supposed to be rainy season we’re glad that our vehicle’s air conditioning still works even though it’s showing signs of giving out. This old Nissan California has been a real blessing and we are praying that in the next few months we can get it a face lift  a complete body repair. Its engine and its cooling system are working just fine. There was a time though that it’s cooling system needed much attention. It could have used a slim electric fan for its radiator then but we thank God that it’s no longer necessary.

A good source of cooling accessories is Mishimoto. If you are looking for a quality fan, radiator cap, thermostat switch, and other accessories, they have it. Their high-performance fans offer the ultimate advantage in airflow, thus maximizing performance and the life of a car’s engine. Their slim electric radiator fans are available in different sizes for universal application. What’s more is that their thermostat switch allows the radiator fan to activate at 80 degrees. That is 15 degrees lower than stock temperature.

Our Family Car

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