Weekend Snapshot: My First Ever Lasagna


One very important item from this post was a musing from yours truly.. How I have got nothing to give the hubby for a present on Father’s Day, except for this e-card I have prepared for him. I wasn’t able to join him to church that day because I was sore all over especially that morning. My arthritis has acted up crazy. He texted me during lunch time that he so misses us and he hoped that me and our little guy are there with him. I felt so sorry for him. He said he was seeing all those families strolling around the mall celebrating Father’s Day. Although he was practically distracted the whole day because his preaching schedule is full like any other Sunday, he still felt homesick. I told him that I could get a cab with our son and go to the church and I was really willing to do that because I felt a little better in the afternoon. He said it was okay if we don’t come anymore.


I decided to tag along with my sister as she went to her workout place while I go the grocery (both are located in the same mall). It was due to do our grocery replenishment anyway, so I went with her. I thought I’d get him one of those nicey cakes from Red Ribbon but I thought to give him more than just that. I made my first ever lasagna and I am so glad it was a hit. I have probably done all kinds of pasta in all the years that I have been cooking, but I would always forego making lasagna, it looked to me then that it was so much work! And boy it was! With two different sauces and all. But the hubby was so much worth it and more. Every effort, every lifting of aching joints. (I feel so old!)


When night came, I have got two things in my mind: First, why I ever put off making lasagnas. And second, where did I get all those strength to commute to the grocery, cook and bake in less than three hours! I was convinced it was adrenaline, because I got so tired that I slept three hours earlier than my usual bed time. But I got my heart’s delight when the hubby loved every bite. This has got to be a regular dish from now on. 😉

Weekend Snapshot: My First Ever Lasagna

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