A Hen Weekend for the Mother Hen

Oh a “me” time! This is something I ache for like at least once a month but I never got seriously down on. First of all, the temptation to get guilt-ridden is so great. Having practically solely taken care of our little guy ever since he was born, I always felt that I won’t be enjoying all too much if I would be away for longer than half of any given day. I know I have to break away from such thinking. I am afraid it is me who have become too clingy, while the son eases his way towards independence in more ways than one, earlier than I wish he would.

One thing I could definitely make use of is one of those fun Hen Weekends with my girl friends, a weekend of pure fun and relaxation. Even a day of pampering will be a major treat for me.

For great Hen packages, check out BetterWeekends.com and choose from destinations around the globe. Brighton and Bournemouth have the reputation of offering great Hen Weekend packages. Check them out and see for yourselves, while I go figure out a way to break away from the everyday routine of a homemaker, wife, mom, a hot momma at that and a work at home juggling expert. 🙂

A Hen Weekend for the Mother Hen

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