Much Abuzz About the Elections, I’d Rather Go Shopping for an Iron Bed Frame!

Yes, that is what I would rather do! The election buzz has gone crazy, wherever part of the blogosphere I go, this has been pretty much the talk. There is even one blog page that talks about how Nostradamus predicted that one of the presidential aspirants are going to get seriously ill shortly before the elections.

While the fact remains that the country of concern is like the power house of the world and whoever gets in the position will spell out the difference how international relationship is going to be like, I would rather that I don’t dive in all the arising controversies and go shopping instead for a cozy and elegant wrought iron bed frame. It has almost been a month since we have been going Korean-style in our bedroom. It is severely dusty from where we are and it is not very ideal to get our memory foam bed spread on the floor. We still even have not taken off the plastic because of this very reason. I chanced upon this site and saw a handful of pretty curtain rods that would match with the antique cathedral bed frame that caught my fancy. Make sure you check out the website and don’t forget to get into their secret gate backdoor to avail of their great discount. Just look for the portion that says, “Our Store now has over 1,300 home & garden items for you to choose from! and click on the lone brown comma along the line. It will be a treasure find!

Doing this shopping will be a glorious break for me, much like a “me” time. I miss getting my hands dirty and doing the home decorating stylistics I used to do during the first three years of our marriage. Just like they all say, “having a child changes your life.Boy, it sure does! Not in a negative sort of way, because I will not exchange motherhood for the world. But now that my toddler has turned out to be my little helper in the house, might as well take advantage of it before the whole idea of my ordering him (just the light stuff) around knacks him to realization that he’s off to doing other more interesting things. 🙂

Much Abuzz About the Elections, I’d Rather Go Shopping for an Iron Bed Frame!

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