Breaking Point Programs for June 2008

This coming week we will be presenting the Breaking Point high school program in Santolan High School in cooperation with our mother church’ ministry, Sold Out Live, and in Gen. Pio del Pilar National High School in cooperation with our church’s youth ministry, JIVE Youth ministry on Monday, June 16 and on Friday, June 20, respectively. We will be showing the program to the morning and the afternoon shift students of both high schools.

I remember the first time Breaking Point officially launched its program in the Philippines, we had t-shirts made for the volunteers to somehow appreciate their sacrifices for the organization. This year as we venture into lots of programs, I have though about giving shirts to the volunteers again and maybe even Personalized T Shirts.

An online resource for state of the art digital printing on shirts and apparel is which offers full color printing directly to the garment. Interested customers can order even just a piece of custom shirt and get discounts as their order increases.

I am pretty sure that the volunteers in our organization will enjoy it if they get shirts that have their own nicknames on them. I do hope we get enough funds to do that this year.

Breaking Point Programs for June 2008

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