Keeping Healthy with Regular Exercise

Yes, I have been religiously going to my scheduled appointments, despite the many reasons that I can pull out of my sleeves not to. The most recent visit was Wednesday this week. I would say it was pretty good. For the first time in on hundred doctor’s visit, I did not wait for over an hour until I my name got called. It is interesting to note as well that I tipped the scale more than a hundred pounds now. That figures why I feel heavier than usual. Yes, I know that weight does not yet scream for me to go try the latest weight loss cream, but I am honestly bothered how heavy I have been feeling lately. It is probably that my five foot frame is not comfortable with those extra poundage, but it could also be because of my not having a regular exercise routine.

I have attempted to do Tae-bo’s early this year, but only got to do it thrice and then I got busy blogging. Exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle and I seriously have to consider getting into one regular routine.

Keeping Healthy with Regular Exercise

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