Fun Time with My Fave Sis at FF


Having said that, for everyone’s information, I only have one sister. I still call her favorite even though she practically has no competition. I just love saying it. She should have known by then that I am not a very good company when it comes to working out. This was right inside Fitness First in Robinson’s Metro East. She got me another pass. Sweet. And I just wasted it on sitting around eating my heart out. Argh! I wasn’t even able to tolerate the steam bath and sauna. A real waste, I should say.

The problem was we came to the club famished so I had to go grab some pizza burst and were they yummy and instead of thinking to get a decent workout in a plush workout place, I was actually wondering how much would a pizza burst franchise cost . The day before that I shared with the hubby the idea in my head about getting a cotton candy cart. I am nuts about cotton candy and I thought it would just be fun to have a machine available to our liking, plus the fact that we can use it for business. Why not. Starting small isn’t so bad anyway. All of these are just ideas popping up our minds. We never know, we might just get what we ask for. It does happen. I should know. 🙂

This shot was taken last week of May. A rather late post, I must say. I just saw this photo as I was browsing through my folders and I just realize how fun it is to be with my sister. I shouldn’t be surprised why she’s got tons of friends. She even got sweeter when she got married. I so love her. She never fails to count us in whenever she is blessed with anything and that’s what I also do. I guess that’s what sisters should do in the first place.

Fun Time with My Fave Sis at FF

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