Alternative Treatments

I had my first arthritis attack at nineteen. It was chronic and would not really bother me so much but in the last three weeks it was more like a nagging ailment. I was told by my doctor in my recent visit that my medication is the culprit. My uric acid level is hyped up because of my medicines. It can be frustrating feeling so old in a relatively young body. Yes, I happen to still consider myself young to actually suffer arthritis. I and the hubby are trying to humor ourselves with my predicament and it helps me out of being down sometimes.

A couple of years ago, a church member suggested herbal colon cleanser treatment. I have heard about it in documentaries and learned that it could actually be an effective way of flushing out toxins. The cleansing process actually made sense, it is the procedure that I am apprehensive about. But if this is something that will help me a great deal health wise, then I might just consider it.

Alternative Treatments

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