Baby Stuff and Strollers

I posted a couple of belly shots yesterday during my prego days, it did leave a tinge of nostalgia to both me and the hubby. Thanks for those who commented in the post. I really hope too that I could sport the same pregnancy charm if ever we will be given another baby in the next few years.

Now, when we get this prayer answered. One of the things I will make sure of is get one of these Mutsy strollers with bassinets and seats. I could not emphasize enough how essential strollers are for those who have babies. It gives mommies like me have our hands free and actually enjoy strolling with our babies without getting our arms all sore.

I wish I could tell you the stroller we used with our little guy was this handy. More often than not it became a burden with all its bulkiness and hard to assemble make. Mutsy currently has two new starring strollers: The Mutsy Slider (image on the right) and The 4Rider. If you would want to stay chic with your baby, make sure to check this brand out.

Baby Stuff and Strollers

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