A Wedding this Summer?


When I was new to the wedding business, I have always wondered what it was in the month of June that couples crowd in to get hitched in this particular season. Like most traditions, this too can be traced back to the Ancient Roman times. This yet again backs up the saying that  “All roads lead to Rome.” pagan origin, suffice it to say. But whether we like it or not, it is here to stay.

The Romans almost always made sure all weddings are done in June, because it was the time that they paid respect to the goddess of marriage, Juno. It was always believed that luck goes with the couple as they enter the marriage during this season. June weddings is an age old tradition.

Do you happen to be one of those couples planning a Wedding this Summer? I have just the site for you, YodioWeddings.com. This site allows for the couple to record the most memorable things people would say in their weddings. This is the technology I wish we had back in 2001 when the hubby and I got hitched. Friends, relatives and loved ones can access photos from your very special day and add comments and their best wishes. Wedding coordinators and brides to be will find this site invaluable taking care of wedding details from the engagement announcements, the wedding ceremony itself and thereafter. As their tagline would have it, “Capture memories that go beyond photos.”

A Wedding this Summer?

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