Towards Getting Healthier

As I battle my many health issues, one of the things in my list that I seriously consider is Orovo detox. I figured I must have accumulated so much toxins in my system that the build up is really taking its toll on my overall health. I probably have tried every natural supplement but have not really gotten into detoxification.

I am currently taking spirulina supplements and am going to schedule an appointment with my new chiropractor, upon the hubby’s approval. He is not very comfortable getting another chiropractor to treat me, but will have to talk him into this. The convenience of the location will help me get into the sessions more regularly than I used to.

Aside from all these proactive plans on my health, I am religiously seeing my doctor on every schedule, aside from last Saturday’s. The hubby and I met with relatives and it was a priority. But I was able to do the scheduled liver enzyme test. I am seeing my doctor first thing tomorrow. That does mean a lot, I could easily just pass everything up and reason that I don’t feel sick but since I am serious about getting healthier, I will do what I should. 🙂

Towards Getting Healthier

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