Online Bridal Shows

What can I say, it’s June and the wedding rush is on my sleeves again. I love weddings! I believe I have mentioned that a lot in several of my past entries. Having taken care of a handful of weddings since I got hitched myself, I know I just can’t get it off my system that even if I did it for a living for a while, I still get all giddy every time. It is just sad that I have been long in hibernation when it comes to doing weddings. The best I have done lately is share files with would be brides, giving them tips and suggestions. That’s it, no longer the dirty work that I got used to. Like going to the suppliers myself and making arrangements.

I seriously could not afford doing that extra leg work anymore. Remaining a wedding consultant may not be that bad after all. I never knew technology would meet the needs of wedding consultants like myself via Online Bridal This site takes off the feeling of my being un-updated on wedding hullabaloos. This is actually one insecurity why I don’t accept very much events nowadays, of course aside from the fact that with my current schedule, I really cannot squeeze in the time that would be needed to arrange all the various details that an event requires.


This site even offers free download of bridal software. This actually makes preparations a breeze for a wedding coordinator and the couple to be wed themselves. Bridal shows right from the internet, whoever could have had known that this will ever be possible? No more parking tickets to be paid, no more crowds to chase. Satisfying planning needs for your very special day have never been this convenient. 🙂

Online Bridal Shows

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