Belly Shots 2005


These are a couple of preggy shots when I was heavy with our little guy in my maternity clothes. The first shot I was more than four months in the family way and the other one was seven months. If there was anything, I made sure we got everything recorded, from the belly shots to the sonogram and everything in between. It was fun anticipating the arrival of our son. Aside from the morning sickness-free pregnancy I had, I consider that phase in our lives as very timely, we were blessed. We actually thought kids are not for us because we were over two years in our marriage with no sign of ever getting pregnant but have immensely enjoyed each other, gliding and struggling through the joys and challenges of marriage.

Aside from the frequent, inconvenient going back and forth to the wash room and weird aversion to chicken, I would say it was fun! I never experienced all those nasty morning sickness I have heard other would be mothers have. As I currently journey towards getting healthier, me and the hubby are praying that if the Lord wills for us to have another child, in the next couple of years at least I would be healthy enough to step on those maternity dresses minus the fuss of my current health concerns. I am not getting any younger and the incidence of pregnancy risks as the woman turns older is getting higher by the year.

Okay, I know this is my third post on health, for the day. I guess I just cannot emphasize enough the impact it has had on me the last few years in my life. Oh well, with the miscarriages I had in 2006 and 2007, it really gets me scared to get pregnant again. We are also open to the idea that I might just not be able to sport a maternity wear anymore. I am okay with that. Life is not easy and bringing another soul to this current chaotic world will be so much responsibility. Whatever God’s will for us, we will be fine with it.

Belly Shots 2005
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