Learning the Ropes of Blogging

We officially started blogging with our own domain, MarriageandBeyond.com almost six months ago. We know we have a lot to thank our SEO consultant for. Neil of Neilmaranan.com was the one who encouraged me to get our site monetized and optimized. I was so much into journaling my thoughts online, but only the free community site gets paid for my activities in blogging.

To be honest, everything that he had us do was overwhelming. Submitting our site details to hundreds of directories was a major task, but I diligently did, not to mention learning the ropes of WordPress and the like. Being a webmaster ain’t easy. I probably spent a couple of sleepless days just to be able to finish doing that one page he gave me.

I know with all the busyness that has caught us doing in the blogosphere, we have got to seriously consider learning new things to get our site optimized. This site is indexed by Google and Yahoo all right, but as this SEO export has told us that we need work more on building back links and all those other stuff. We do have got to get down to that business if we want to better our stats.

Learning the Ropes of Blogging

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