Need Some Stuff for Our Youth Center

Right after our summer youth camp entitled “Heroes: Ordinary People with an Extraordinary Calling, many young people, both new and old, came back to our church and the free summer workshops we conducted in May helped facilitate this. We offered free basic lessons on how to play drums, guitar and also a free workshop on basic acting and mime. A lot of those who participated in the workshops naturally made the church a place to hang out where they practiced the new skills they learned. All these this helped bring young people in to our youth center.

Right now we are venturing into fundraising for some stuff to put in our youth center. Stuff like table tennis nets, rackets, ping pong balls, dart pins (we have a ping pong table and a dart board already). These stuff can help us to create sports fundraisers this coming school year and hopefully help bring new young people in to our youth center. We know that church fundraising can be a big task but with help from friends, people who have helped in the past and with God’s faithful provision, we can be assured that these needs in our youth center will be met.

Need Some Stuff for Our Youth Center

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