The Way We Were – 10 Years Ago


Tonight as I rummaged for a photo to fill in a blank frame, this shot took my attention. Obviously, it was taken from a traditional cam. Yep, we dated during the generation of the old school camera days. The most digital I got at that time was my beeper (first, it was EasyCall given by papa, then switched to Index) and the unshapely, bulky Motorola Handyphone that prided itself to support 4 AA’s in case of emergency. I’m sure colleagues our age would feel nostalgic all too suddenly. Imagine those times! Seriously now, I cannot imagine how much more digital it’s going to get when our little guy turns a decade old.

Sorry, I got distracted. So there, this is the hubby and me around ten years ago. Nostalgia is the least to describe how it feels looking through old photographs. Joy is what I would describe my life with my man. As I look back at all those years, I remember how silly we were and how our love has grown leaps and bounds since. This was taken a couple of years before I married him. Back in those non-digital times, I was already into taking photographs. It is just sweet to see all those photos and turn back time through memories. I look so “nene” and the hubby looks so “totoy.” The vernaculars that translates to “girl” and “boy”. Well, this was us! Minus all those fine and not so fine lines we now have. 😉

The Way We Were – 10 Years Ago

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