Tuesday Toot: The Challenge in Ministry


I am officially off my leave from the ministry. I have been practically out of touch to the girls I have been discipling and counseling for the last couple of months because of my health issues. The brief greetings during the times that I meet them in church do not suffice, I know. But with my worsened health problems during those months, there was nothing much that I can do. Now I’m back in business – God’s business, that is.

It’s never easy. It can actually be draining sometimes. Frustrating to say the least. But even as I press on doing what I should do, it helps me to get my spirituality checked. More than what God can do “through” me, He is interested what He can do “in” me. Even as I get burdened with stacking issues of these girls, I leave everything to the Lord. I saw His faithfulness in the past, in the lives of other struggling young people and these girls have the same God as those previous girls that were under my care then. They have now soared and are now passing on discipling the next generation. This is one of the hopes that keeps me going. No matter how bad things are for them, I choose to battle with them. But ultimately, they make that choice of victory in the Lord or be defeated by their circumstances. May the Lord bless their hearts as they keep on their faith and I pray for wisdom and guidance as I lead each of them. 🙂

Tuesday Toot: The Challenge in Ministry

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