Reclaiming My Health


The long hours that I spend in front of the computer has worsened by scoliosis. I have been having a sore back for almost a week now. All the while I thought the memory bed would help my aching back problems. I just figured that what really would rest my case was that of an orthopedic mattress, which is honestly does not appeal to me. My mother has one and I don’t like the feel of it at all. I love our memory bed to bits and it makes me sleep well but I guess it is not the best one for people who have scoliosis.

Anyway, I’m setting my mind not on quick fixes like depending on our bed for back comfort. The pain has gotten so bad that it got me to look into my files to check if I have saved my chiropractor’s number somewhere and was I so glad to have found it. I am seeing him this week. It has to be this week otherwise I might just put it off again, as always. I think my back issue has gotten serious. My scoliosis did not use to bother me like it does now. Aside from resuming my chiropractic sessions I know I would have to cut down my blogging time, which honestly would be the real challenge. Aside from my back aches, I think I am straining my eyes a little too much already with all my internet activities. I happen to love sporting this 20/20 vision.

I guess all of these boils down to seriously reclaiming my health back this time. 🙂

Reclaiming My Health

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