Our 3 year old Son is Into Mind Games!



It was around a week ago that I would see our little guy on the computer clicking on one of the mystery case file games his grandma is fond of playing. It was only yesterday that it occurred to me he actually knows what he was doing! I swear he knows which things to look for and where to find it better that his grandma! With all the things he is now able to do, I know that he is seriously ready for school.


Last night I got him a notch lower and had him play with Caillou Educational Systems from my laptop. He breezed through each and every game on shapes and color. I know this means my baby has really grown up all too suddenly. This might just be the norm these days for a three year old but the hubby and I were surprised nevertheless that he knew what to do and to think it was only his first time! My three year old boy! Time flies real fast.

Our 3 year old Son is Into Mind Games!

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