A Church Family Retreat

Summer is almost over. We are praying that we will still be able to treat our church’s ministry workers in the next weeks. I know it must be a little too late now that classes are about to resume. But as they say that it’s better late than never. It was just too bad we were all too occupied in the past months and weeks with the anniversary and searching for a new place to transfer to, that we weren’t able to come up with the idea earlier. We are praying to have this on an annual basis.

We’re thinking of a family type of get together. Not as pricey as any of those Caribbean cruises. Just a whole day church family fun and bonding. We are still hoping to be able to find the best place to go to. I believe this is the best week because this is the most sunny week in the months that passed. We are also praying to be able to do this in groups, as intimate as possible. Like one event for each ministry. We would love to spend time with them and be refreshed even as we come together as one church pressing on towards God’s calling for us as one body.

A Church Family Retreat

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