Master’s Bedroom – Korean Style

We still have not got a replacement for the bed box that we got rid of last week. We went from one mall to another searching for the best piece. But we did not find what we want. Most bed frames are laminated, which means they won’t last years. Our best bet if ever we settle to buy from the mall is that of Malaysian rubber wood, which is not bad, but I still find it second best.

We’re actually thinking of going to a local Narra furniture shop and have some made to order job done. The hubby specifically wants a head board with cushion. I don’t really mind whatever design, although I would leer away from all those carvings Narra furniture makers are notorious for. I love the art and creativity all right, but it is seriously high maintenance.  I really just want to have a stable and durable bed frame this time. When that happens I will take care of its custom embroidery and all those frilly things I could do to accent the room. In the meantime, as a relative would have it, we’re having our bed Korean style, our memory foam mattress lying pretty on the floor.

Master’s Bedroom – Korean Style
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