Teen Bedding for Our Little Guy’s Bed

Even as we are still in search for that sheer fabric to match our sleep comfort mattress, we still have not made that purchase we have planned a while back for our little guy’s bed. Yes, we are still using the same sheets over and over again. We only have several queen sized beddings but no replacements for his single bed.

I honestly have a few considerations in getting the best sheets for our son’s bed. Although I still want to get him those baby beddings, I am inclined to purchase a Teen Bedding design. Again, the frugal in me strikes again. I know he just might soon outgrow those baby designs and knowing that JoJo Designs are probably the most durable, it would really last him years. He could use it over and over and still stay in style.

As kids grow older, I believe it does not have to follow that they cannot have cool styles and bright rooms. I honestly just don’t want to throw in anything that I could get my hands on. We will be buying beddings anyway, then we might as well invest in these discount designer ones. I am torn between this two designs for our little guy’s room. Which do you think is better? Or should I have both? 😉

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Teen Bedding for Our Little Guy’s Bed

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