Nothing Less than Sheer Beddings

The afternoon after I took oath, the hubby and I went around going from one shop to other, searching for no less than 300 thread count beddings for our new memory foam bed. We actually ended up just window shopping. Hours of searching but nothing that we saw that matched our tastes. I admit to having a different taste from that of the hubby, but we actually could very well meet half way or should I say, he really does not mind if we have it my way. He trusts my taste and would say I should be queen of my own house. I love that I have the freedom to have the home that I want. I know I could not have a more supportive hubby.


It can be pretty frustrating going around all those malls and never finding what you are looking for. We probably have gone to almost all the malls around the Metro and we have not seen the elegant Toile Bedding that we are looking for. Toile fabrics are just exquisite. It has a white background with printed scenes in single color, sophisticated and dreamy, to say the least. Why would I be at all surprised when this kind of fabric originated from France? French people are probably the most classy among the human specie. The several colors the Toile beddings that are exclusive to JoJo designs are most unique and stylish. As always, luxury beddings at the most comfortable prices.

Nothing Less than Sheer Beddings

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