Our Little Guy’s Latest Preoccupation





This is our son’s latest preoccupation. The starter kit was a gift from his Tita Ninang Rose for his birthday. From his love for all sorts of cars, he now have his eye for trains. His first train ride fascinated him and would point to it and refer to it as “a real train,” every time we would ride past them whenever we go places.

I remember when we were once in a mall in Cubao, he saw the road leading to the train station, he practically dragged the hubby and me towards the station and wanted to go for a ride! Back home he could spend hours on end rearranging his train tracks and watch Thomas and his friend, Percy with the chocolate factory go around. It’s fun seeing him get creative as he incorporates his makeshift buildings from his toy blocks. There is like a city area and a farm side to his train set. His imagination is getting creative through these toys.

He shifts from this toy to reading his Time Life books. And as for me, I have to be ever present despite my own preoccupation to the internet. I am learning to device a system that will work for us and I would like to believe we’re getting better at it. 🙂

Our Little Guy’s Latest Preoccupation

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