My Oath Taking Day

oath.JPGYesterday was a very busy but fun day for me. The hubby took his time off to accompany me to my oath taking rites and after we swung around the largest mall in Asia which was near the place where twenty five percent of examinees who took the board last April took oath. The hubby then insisted on getting me my dresser for my congratulatory gift and we did check out a few displays. I thought it was too pricey, the frugal in me would rather check out discount designer handbags, clothing, shoes, watches and sunglasses, I have not gone shopping in a while and it was a treat!

At first I thought it was nothing more than just a rite. The place leaves much to be desired with its audio unclear, so it was very hard to understand what the speakers were talking about. What got me to listen was the response speech of the forty four year old topnotcher. Despite the bad audio, he was able to project his voice in such a way that it was clearer than that of most of speakers who gave their talks prior to him. He was the last one. What he said made sense and I will go more into that later.

It was fun how the hubby made this day such a big deal. Right from early that morning, even if he meant to have us leave at 6:30am (the oath taking rites was at 9am), because it was rush hour and we would probably be caught in traffic, we were only able to leave close to 8 am already. I just told him, it was okay if we don’t make it on time, we could always hit that mall and have fun. He drove his way through traffic, even tailing through the convoy that allowed us to breeze through it and get to the venue before the appointed time. It was totally a fun day for me. I will post more photos later.

Today we leave early for another seminar that we have to conduct in one of the schools in Makati and a counseling session tonight with one of my girls. It is going to be another long day for us. I am going to miss my son again, but have told him last night that I need to spend time with his papa for today, but I will be home with him all day again on Saturday again. He opposed the idea big time, but he was all right after a while.

My Oath Taking Day

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