Father’s Day Gift

img_5624.JPGWith the big event for fathers coming up in the next three weeks, I am seriously running out of ideas of getting a hold of the best Father’s Day Gift for the hubby. My husband for six years and still counting and a father for more than three years now, I know I have a lot to thank God for. Jeff has been God’s ultimate manifestation of His love for me next to the eternal security of my Salvation through Christ Jesus.

When I seriously think about it, I should really be grateful for having not a perfect husband but a sinner redeemed by God and has chosen to press on living the life God has in mind for him and more. I consider myself really blessed to say the least. The Lord has allowed me to live and have the husband and father of my child that I now have.

I have found a site that could be handy for wives like me who are in search for that perfect gift for their men. I admit to have taken this for granted these past few years, even though “receiving gifts” is not the hubby’s love language, I know it’s no excuse and I should give him a gift this time. As the saying goes‚ “You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.”

Father’s Day Gift

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