House Clearance

I just got back a while back from my oath taking. Now that I have stirred clear of most of the major things on my back, I am so going to start the long delayed garage sale that I have got planned since early March. Lots of things came up that got my time and attention that this has been pushed aside. Not for long. I really have got to get rid of things that I don’t need that can still be of considerable value to others. I have given away a handful of items already but there are still a lot more to be disposed.

I remember holding a garage sale a month after we transferred to our brand new house last year. Through the years we have accumulated a lot of things that do not have as much value now, some have been replaced and as a rule we try to practice that whenever there is something bought, something has to be given away. As we are blessed, we bless others.


Clearing a house can really be tough. From those five years that we have transferred from one home to another, I only hoped back then that there was a service that does this. They specialize in clearing all types of houses and offices, even storage facilities. I could only imagine how easy this task would have been done if only I got a hold of such service. Make sure to check this one out for any of your home or office clearing issues.

House Clearance

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