Floral Beddings for Our New Bed

Today the hubby and I just got rid of our supposedly brand new bed box. We bought it a couple of weeks back around the same time we got a hold of our memory foam bed. We were too excited we did not check what we purchased. Turned out the Chinese guy gave us nothing but lip service when he sales talked us into buying his bed box on half the regular price.

As the hubby had it, there goes the fifty percent discount! Our reason was more than enough that we almost gave it away by selling it from our barely launched garage sale at PhP 500 (approx. $12.50). It was actually another record for us. It got sold in no more than 10 minutes upon putting up the sign! Our old bed and its frame got sold at 30 minutes two weeks ago.


We are hoping to have a nice bed frame with an elegantly cushioned headboard. When we are able to make this a reality, I am so going to convince the hubby to go get us new sets of sheets, one of which will have the some frilly design. I am big on florals and this one will fit our new bed set just fine. Their floral designs run from Oriental Garden, Abby Rose, Daisies designs and much more! I am not going to run out of choices at all. I will now have to take my pick and get the hubby’s approval. 🙂

Floral Beddings for Our New Bed

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