June 15 is Father’s Day!

Remember this post? Even as there is a real epidemic of missing fathers, we also need to celebrate the fathers who choose to measure up to the calling the Lord has put upon them and this is to lead their respective families honorably. They may not be aplenty, but there are lots of them who are on their way there or even have arrived and are choosing to disciple young men showing them that to really live is to take that straight path, no matter how preachy that sounds. Not what those stupid commercials would have them believe that the only way to live is to get drunk and get all their insatiable desires quenched at all cost.

 Fathers in this league deserve more than just material things. Allow me to repost here men’s basic needs and maybe wives could reassess how we treat our own men. I know this for sure, my hubby deserves more than what I’m giving him and I intend to do better and make sure he knows that I appreciate and admire everything about him. If there’s anything about marriage, it is this, we tend to take for granted the essential things when some trivial things (like pet peeves, for instance) gets the best of us.

Men’s Basic Needs:

  1. Sex
  2. Recreational Companionship
  3. Attractive Spouse
  4. Domestic Support
  5. Admiration
June 15 is Father’s Day!

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