Our Little Guy is Growing Too Fast

img_5181.JPGBefore our little guy turned three a couple of weeks back, I had his closet sorted. I know it should not be much as a surprise for me that I have to take out an overflow of baby clothes that no longer fit him. It came to me after having the clothes sorted that all he has left are a few shirts and shorts that will no longer fit him in the coming months. I should have seen this coming when I noticed some weeks back that he alternately uses just three or four of his good clothes whenever we go to church. At three years old, he currently wears clothes for  five year olds!

Time flies so fast. Now I wish I could have had him wear those good clothes on ordinary days. I swear he only got to wear most of the pieces two or three times. He was showered by friends and loved ones with tons from when he was newborn to a year old. The hubby and I did not have to buy a single outfit for him, which helped us a great deal, really.

But that’s gonna have to change soon.  This little guy is really growing fast.  It’s good that I just found a great site with discount baby clothes. This will just be the ideal for me because I don’t want to have to spend extra bucks when I can have the good deals for discounted prices. They carry the reputable JoJo Designs so I am sure to get my money’s worth for its durability and comfort for my little guy.

Our Little Guy is Growing Too Fast

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