Managing the Family’s Finances


This post will be related to the previous one even as it again concerns the family finances. When you’re young, one tends to be carefree and cool about things in the future. Although I consider myself to be relatively prudent, (Thanks Ma!), there were still things I could have done better at, even in the earlier days of our marriage. Like even with the limited resources we had back then, be could have started small and saved a little at a time.

 We are now in the time of our lives that we are left with no other option but to tighten our belts and prepare for the major happening in any growing family’s life,  preschool education. Our son is soon to enter preschool and we still have zero budget meant for that particular expense.

 But we should on our way there in no time. We intended to have three savings account intended for different purposes. One for household expenses, another for our little guy’s future educational expenses and another that will serve as our emergency funds. One of the more safer way to secure those account is to avail of Certificate of Deposit just like what Washington Mutual offers their clients. Banking has never been as convenient as this day and age when we are able to transact online.

Managing the Family’s Finances

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