Gearing Up Our Preschooler

yhst-95552160618728_1999_116741302.jpgIn the next few days we will go shop for our little guy’s beddings. I have blogged some days ago that his faithful covers are getting thinner and thinner by the wash and needs to have an alternative. I would often just throw the beddings in the washer and get them back on when they are dry and clean. As I have been surfing online, I am giddy over this design. Isn’t it adorable?

We have to get a set just like this one with bed skirts. His bed lies on top of a bed box that is all exposed and who knows what bacteria and dust mites might just hang around if we keep it that way for long. I love JoJo Designs, that’s for sure. They are 100% cotton and great styles to boot. Their camouflage bedding looks really neat. I have not seen the same style in our local department stores. It’s like setting up my little boy’s room in style.

One thing that needs to be done, though, his room needs to be rearranged. Some stuff have got to go and make room for his study table as well. He needs to get conditioned for school. Whenever we read books we do it on the bed and it is just not good to keep him in this for long. He’s got to have a table for himself, where he could paint, write and color. Let the preschooler get all geared up!

Gearing Up Our Preschooler

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