From Broadband to A Combo Plan

I know it is but too early to rejoice, but as today’s prime time news had it, there is a buzz that short messaging service should have been given free by mobile phone companies right from the beginning. Primarily because this should only come as an extra feature to the standard voice calls. Oh well, it might just be too good to be true, but then again, it would really be a big relief to the pocket of the texting capital this country is known to be.

In this household alone, we patronize sms more than voice calls even as it has been almost a year now since we had our landline telephone terminated. It was the only alternative we had then because our former provider could not help in the upgrade request from dial up to DSL and we were really in need of a faster internet connection because of our online business.

But because of some arising concerns, we have been in search of cheap Internet phone calls with VOIP calling plans that has a combo plan that allows us to stay connected to the net. This will be more practical to maintain than to have separate utility bills for phone and another for the internet connection. The hubby sees this need even as the church is praying to expand and build a preschool that could serve the community around the local church area. This will be the next major project after we have successfully transferred to a better location.

From Broadband to A Combo Plan

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