Advantages of Carrying Twins

Towards my last trimester of pregnancy in early 2005, people around me were convinced I was carrying twins. I knew I was carrying a singleton male right from my fourth month of pregnancy and I could not be moved. But really now, there are a lot of advantages in having twins, more than having to choose from one of those cutie strollers for twins. Let’s look at four:


1. One time pregnancy.
2. You have two kids of the same age. If they happen to be both boys, then they can share clothes. Even share one stroller for twins.
3. It can be actually a relief to rear at one time, when you have adjusted life with twins and have devised a system that will work for the family. Think about this, most women experience having their first child enter school, just to find out they are pregnant again with kid number two.
4. You practically have given your twins each other to be each other’s best friend right from infancy.

Advantages of Carrying Twins

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