I Miss Coordinating Weddings

There are a few things that I am passionate about. One of which is doing weddings. It has been a while since I last organized one and despite the fact that I know it won’t fit my current schedule anymore, I still dream sometimes of picking out the best wedding invitations to coordinating the program in the actual ceremony itself. If there is such a thing, I would have to say that it runs through my veins.


Seriously now, it could possibly my subconscious hitting back on me even as I turned down at least a couple of events in the last two months. If ever I could get back to doing weddings again, I found a website that could come in handy and help me to pick out essentials like a wedding invitation. They also specialize in holiday photo cards as well as baby shower invitations. This site It gets me giddy whenever I consider going back to the wedding business again.

I Miss Coordinating Weddings

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