Beyond Bedding

Our little guy has been staying in his own bed for quite sometime now. I honestly miss the times when I used to have him cuddle beside me, not minding all those stray kicks I get in the middle of the night. I swear he goes around like a chopper and would have the hubby and me stay close together, because the baby gets to occupy more than half of our queen sized bed.

Fast forward to this time in our lives, this little guy has owned his own bed. He is now cozy and comfy in his own room. His soft single bed was his father’s when he was still single. Problem is most of our beddings are for queen sized bed and we have got to get at least a replacement for the current one he uses. What I would normally do is throw the sheets in the washer and get them back on his bed when its good and clean. At the rate we’re going, his bedding will wear out in no time.


I just found a great site for kids beddings. Their JoJo Designs are just so right for our little guy’s room. I love his bedding to complement his room’s theme of green and blue. I would rather have these affordable designer bedding sets that lasts and lasts. Check out Beyond Bedding and have a look-see.

Beyond Bedding

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