WW: Fresh Mint with Chocolate Chips Gelato



Remember this post? The first thing I did when I got my recent paycheck was indulge on my second pint. I owe it to myself. I love this one as much as the Chocolate Sorbetto. I remember desperately looking for one from the grocery store we were buying some travel supplies from some weeks back. I found out later that only two local stores carry the brand. I truly am now a believer of Ciao Bella! I love the Callebaut dark chocolate chunks in every spoon. I love it better because they are dark chocolates! I have always been a chocolate mint lover too, that’s why this one I simply cannot resist.

I just have one complaint though. I will never understand why its nutrition facts would say that each pint serves 4 when I can eat the whole one in under fifteen minutes. 😉

WW: Fresh Mint with Chocolate Chips Gelato
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