Maximizing the Waiting Period

images8.jpgWe are at Medical City again and how frustrating it is to wait around for a long time. I feel like so much time is wasted when some doctors say a particular clinic schedule and they arrive two or three hours later. If it wasn’t because my wife needs to have a check up I wouldn’t have waited that long. It’s a good thing we brought our laptop along with us and Medical City has a WiFi area. I just had to get a drink and charge the laptop at Starbucks as I make this entry.

This morning while waiting for the first doctor I used up its batteries typing up a sponsored one. I really like this way of making additional income through blogging, I am able to maximize these times of waiting by earning a few bucks. I hope Jen’s turn with the doctor is up soon, we’ve still got two stopovers today before we hit home. Our second destination is at PRC to get her board exam results, ID, and register for the oath taking. Next is at BF homes Quezon City to return an item we borrowed.

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Maximizing the Waiting Period

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