First Things First

images9.jpgI decided to put off our “Garage Sale” event. I took care of more important things today. Health. This comes first. No matter how annoyed I was having to wait up for two doctors (an average of three hours each) without a single explanation why such delays. I have encountered more courteous ones who would at least tell us that they had a procedure done. What irked me really is the fact that they had me come in early, real early that I was the first one on the list, just to wait for hours one end. We also have schedules you know. I can only hope they also consider that people other than them also have jobs and lives!

Second. Had to run towards the end of the day to Philippine Regulatory Board Office (PRC) to get registered for my upcoming Oath taking, which will is scheduled next week. It was a relief that I got in time before the office hour was over. The garage event can wait maybe next week, or it could run its first day this coming weekend, that is if nothing more important comes up. 😉

First Things First

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