The Challenge of Keeping a Pretty House with a Toddler Around

img_5371.JPGOne thing I love doing is beautifying the house. I remember being able to do just about everything I want during the first years of our marriage. But anyone will understand when I say that this has become a challenge for me now that I not only hold work from home but also have a three year old toddler around. Toys and more toys seem to be just about everywhere, despite the “pack away” time we have our little guy do regularly. Every after everything is packed away, minutes after, toys will be lying around again. It’s really but inevitable with a toddler around. It helps that I have my weekender assistant to help me out with general cleaning.


One prettifying addition I would love in our home are chandeliers. They add style, sophistication to any room. While this might be a task to maintain, the fact remains that having one defines the room creating a warm ambiance. Oh well, who knows I just might have this nice addition soon.

The Challenge of Keeping a Pretty House with a Toddler Around

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