Last night the hubby and I were just reminded yet again that our son is no longer a baby. He refused to sleep in our bed again. Sometimes I would have him co-sleep with us after his midnight pee. But last night he insisted on staying in his own bed despite how sleepy he was and having the washroom closer to the master bedroom could have been more convenient to the sleepy little head. He declared “no,”  with reinforcing words, “big boy na.”


His baby phase just passed all too soon. We’re glad how he has developed, I’m not complaining. It just makes me all the more glad that I chose the frontlines of motherhood and have not missed a single milestone. As I was rummaging through some files, I saw pictures of myself wearing him in baby slings during his infancy stage to more than a year old. This is indeed one of the things I now miss. Babywearing is one of the best things I remember having done in his earlier months. I just loved the way he looked so comfy and at peace being so close to my heart.


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