‘Twas a Long Week

Got home a few hours ago and felt rather recharged with the hour long afternoon nap with my little guy. I don’t usually do naps, when I think back about all the activities we did the previous days and the few hours of sleep I had last night, the reason was made even clearer to me – I most probably am wearing myself thin.


But then again, going through all those furniture stores, meeting counselees and spending too many hours in the hospital for check up, among other things, should not be that much of a deal. There were other busier weeks in my life. It was just tiring because I was about to get down with the flu and almost not made it to church again. Thank God I was doing so much better when I woke up this morning despite the lack of sleep. Will be posting some pictures of Jed and his church playmate later. 🙂

‘Twas a Long Week

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