Why Blog?

People blog for hundreds of different reasons. Statistics have it that in the Philippines alone, there already are over a couple of million bloggers. I started blogging back in 2005, admittedly delayed as it was because I wanted to launch in a rather sophisticated manner. But the noob web blogger that I was, I did not know what platform to use or how where to even start. What I was sure about was one thing – I wanted to document every single milestone in my son’s life and I was too lazy to do scrapbooking or diary writing. I knew my handwriting will suck in the long run and there is just no way that would be an encouragement to me to keep on.


Fast forward three years after, I have found my niche in the web and I’m hopeful to do better at it, even as I started this as a mere shoot off from my mothering our now little guy. There is another platform that is like an all in and could really be handy for future probloggers. Thoughts.com is more than just a free blog, they have Forums that keep bloggers updated and allows for a community to be established. It also features video and photo uploading with unlimited bandwidth. Online journaling have had its share of controversy, but so far with the number of bloggers skyrocketing like crazy over the past months, I could only sit and stay convinced that the future is set to blog.  There’s just no stopping it. 🙂

Why Blog?

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