Curtains or Blinds?

spct_07_0201fs_w.jpgOne of the must do things I have lined up for our home is an over all make over. I have some white elephants sitting here and there that need to go. My make over will not be complete without a change of curtain. I still am undecided if I would go for blinds or stick with curtains.

I have shifted from using drapes to just a nicely lined, floral valance last month when the summer heat was unbelievable. It helped better the ventilation inside the house. With sliding windows and limited amount of air coming in from just one side of the window, I figured this was necessary to improve air circulation. What can I say, the hubby was satisfied and immediately felt the difference of a more breezy feel to the room.

You would have to check with They are America’s Leading Resource for Window Treatment. They alone are able to give that precise fit, allowing a better look and ventilation around your room. They leave not detail unsettled. For a home maker like me, this matters a great deal. It leaves you the feeling that there is no stone left unturned and gives you peace that everything has been taken into consideration.  If there’s anything, they sure have the expertise in window coverings.

Curtains or Blinds?

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