On Cable and Soaps

tv.jpgWe recently had our cable service terminated. The Sun/Sky team up did not prove to be beneficial to us loyal subscribers. The bad reception and frequent interruptions are just too much for the amount they charge every month. It is just ridiculous. Honestly, we don’t consider it a loss. We rarely watch television in this household anyway. If there would be any time the television went on, it was but the few hours a day we allow our little guy to watch his educational videos plus Thomas and His Friends from Cartoon Network which he is crazy about. This explains why dear sister and I bought him Thomas and His Friends toys for his birthday.

I just remember a few months back, Rose lent me a dvd of a Korean TV Series, “To Marry A Millionaire.” At first I thought the story revolved around a Nouveau Riche character. At first it was a pain to watch, having to focus on the captions to be able to dig the whole drama, but I later got fascinated enough to do a marathon. The Kim character was so funny, utterly showing off, at first, antics of a Nouveau Riche guy, but later turned suave to a convincing real big time prince. I would have to say though that I loved the “Princess Hours” better. The former plot turned too predictable towards the end. Although “Princess Hours” revolved around a Nouveau Riche character too, there was more to it than your regular Korean soap. It’s just fun to know that people are breaking away from soap operas that have strong sexual content going live on midday. And what’s more interesting, the Koreans have actually incorporated things that reintroduces values that can be beneficial to the current generation.

Anyway, with the cable out and nothing much to watch from our local channels, (I still shy away from watching the local news) all we have left really if the movie bug hits us will be our good ‘oldvd player. Which is not very often, if I may add. To date, we still have a couple of standing movies waiting to be watched. We’d rather blog, you know. lol! 😉 In hindsight, at least we get to filter what our family watches.

On Cable and Soaps

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