Before we left the cool air of Baguio, one of the first things I made sure I got a hold of were the blooming flowering plants. I knew from years past that I am the exact opposite of a green thumb. I tried several times, and failed the same number of times. Although most of those plants I recently bought are still alive, a couple are already welcoming their slumber.

I love flowers and even though it’s sad that I don’t grow one, it’s a consolation to know that I could still prettify my surroundings with silk plants. They will still serve its aesthetic purpose, minus the scent, but one thing for sure I get to save the environment in my own little way, by letting the plants bloom where they are. No more uprooting means better chances of them staying alive and producing more.

These artificial plants and trees are of quality and durable materials which look like the real thing. Another bonus from getting these is its zero maintenance and if at all ultra low one. Maybe it’s time to face reality that green thumb is not acquired. Come to think of it, I won’t have to worry about insects infesting our home which indoor plants are known to attract. Very soon I’m going green with these silk plants.


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