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Just when I thought bloggers have enough on their plates to get entertained, I came across a funny blog. This blog’s tag line is “poking life with a big stick,” in itself just about gives you an idea that you’re in for a good laugh. Now a typical day in a blogger’s life could actually take alternate schedules more than just posting entries and dropping cards.


One of the more interesting entries it has is one under Life is funny label, entitled “Japanese Smokers Face Age Test. In all honesty, I even found this informative. Learning that a software is actually gone live to determine a person’s age. Apparently, this software is installed on cigarette vending machines which purpose is to determine the age of the buyer by face scan. If it turns out that he is over twenty then the vending machines allow the purchase, if not an identification is needed to confirm the buyer’s age. Cool, eh? Another fave entry I have is that of the “Reader’s Quiz, its purpose is to have the readers identify from the faces in the picture who the girls are from the boys. You will have to check out for yourself and I know you would agree with me when I say, there is just no telling. There are a whole lot of comic architecture that you will find in this site.

A Fun Blog

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